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Charming traditional fashion for adult woman. We have gifts & housewares such as back, leather accessories, hat.

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New work ☆Oil leather mini-tote bag☆

Hello (╹◡╹)

The new color arrival ☆We introduce mini-tote bag of Italian oil leather!

[TOPKAPI] TOPKAPI Italian oil leather, 2way mini-tote bag CACHEMIRE cashmere
Product cord: 5011410025
22,680 yen (tax-included)

Mini-tote bag which we want to use habitually for a long time. We use Italian oil leather of soft texture to add to taste so as to embezzle. Side let edge work and finished sharp atmosphere and put round core in the steering wheel and, on plump body, raised good point and design of getting familiar with stain. It is easy to match with various clothing. Design wearing well is attractive.

It is series using leather called CACHEMIRE in tannaim of CACHEMIRE [cashmere] - Italy. Meaning of <cashmere> features just fluent feel of a material.

※Product image, please note that change may occur in color taste or size, specifications for sample.

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