The walk-in: 10:00-22:00 (winter season 10:00-21:00) JR HAKATA CITY RF (RF)

News & event


In opening-like Roof Garden featuring the theme of "the four seasons,"
Flower which is colorful every season
We meet all of you.
If "open space of the heavens" becoming nucleus is green with flower
It was surrounded by forests of Sue board
Open space that children can enjoy.
"Tsubame Mini Train" with children,
It travels well every day.
"Railroad Shrine Omotesando,"
It is approach to a shrine of about 50m to continue to "Railroad Shrine".
We look from altitude of about 60m above the ground
Scenery is recommended, too.

  1. 1 Railroad Shrine

    We pray for the security of trip. Torii is ordered the star gate, the fortune gate, the dream gate, and Railroad Shrine. We sweep away the devil and evil at the star gate, invite fortune at the fortune gate and bind good match together at the dream gate.

  2. 2 Train Prospects Space

    It is fine-view space where state of train going in and out of Hakata Station from altitude of about 60m above the ground is seen in. We can usually enjoy view of train from angle that we cannot see very much.

  3. Open space of 3 heavens

    We ride tricycle in space among seasonal flowers and run around and we open lunch and can taste picnic feeling.

    Use of tricycle time
    ※In rainy day, it is excluded at the time of event

  4. 4 Tsubame Mini Train

    "Tsubame Mini Train" and "kuro train" of Eiji Mitooka design do two laps of open spaces of the heavens. Fun that we come for RF which train works!

    Weekdays 11:00-18:00 (suspension: 14:30-15:30)
    Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-18:00 (there is no in suspension)
    ※It is until 17:00 during period of the end of from January 4 to February.
    ※By weather and event, we may change Hours.

  5. 5 Observatory

    It is popular observation deck which can overlook town regular and Hakata Bay, mountain range of Fukuoka from altitude of 60m in panorama.

  6. 6 kurochanhiroba

    It is space that we surrounded with fence so that child six years or younger can play in peace. When it is summer, "child pool" comes up, too.

    Use of playground equipment time
    ※It is excluded in rainy day

There is much "pleasure" in forest of swallow!